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If you're interested in a healthcare career, but you don't want to spend multiple years in college, you can always look into massage therapy. You can visit has more info.

( -- September 17, 2013) Austin, TX -- Texas Cooking Class, an online culinary education and career training resource, is now open to the public.

The website is designed to help out individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts. The site discusses culinary industry jobs, possible career paths, the typical training and education needed to obtain these types of positions, and provides a list of schools and education centers where students could start their culinary training. Read it:

Majoring in Business:

Majoring in business is never a bad idea. Many business majors have no problems getting interviews on college placement days. Of course, some areas of business are better than others. Finance and accounting majors are especially in demand.

If this sounds interesting... you might be able find an affordable school in your town.

Thinking about attending a college in Washington State? Learn more about it --

( -- Aug 6, 2013) Richmond, VA -- Virginia Online Schools, a new online education and training resource, is now available on the Web.

The web site helps students in the Virginia area choose a good and affordable local college or school. "The process of enrolling at the right university or school is pretty difficult," pointed out website author Tyler Ellis. "Every student first has to decide where he or she wants to attend." Read it:

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