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Do you have a degree in art?

Are you having trouble turning that degree into a great career?

Many art majors can find good jobs in the graphic design business.

All it usually takes is a few design classes in order to learn some software and terminology.

Madison, WI ( Sept 20, 2013 -- Wisconsin Online Schools, a new education and career training website, is now open for business.

The website helps out readers who are interested in attending a university, vocational institute or other school in the state of Wisconsin. Read it:

Graphic Arts Careers:

Would you like a job that offers you a lot of creativity?
Would you like a career that uses your existing artistic talent? Would you prefer a job that has a good salary? If this sounds good to you, perhaps a career in graphic design might be waiting for you. You can learn more right now at

Seattle, WA ( Dec 3, 2013 -- Online Degree Schools, a new online college information resource, is open for business.

The site is built to help students find online colleges that offer degrees and classes in the career fields the students are interested in. Read it:

Going for a Texas school?

Or what about the healthcare profession, like nursing? Read more --

( -- Aug 3, 2013) Seattle, WA -- A new website that is designed to help people find out more about trade and vocational training programs is now open to the public.

Vocational Institutes is a new website that provides students with information about a wide variety of technical and vocational colleges that they can use to jump-start their career. Visitors to the website can search for a subject, program or degree that they may be interested in. Read it:

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